Trips to NPS

Trips to NPS (National parks) and parks of nature in Murter surroundings is must have because Murter is perfectly situated and presents great starting point to view all this natural beauties that Croatia is proud of.

National park Kornati

National park Krka

N.P. Kornati, which covers a total land and sea surface area of 216 km2 and includes 89 islands, islets and rocky outcrops, encompasses most of the Kornati archipelago located in the central part of the Croatian Adriatic. The distinctive contrast of, on the one hand, a barren and desert-like karstic environment above sea level and, on the other hand, an extremely rich; biologically and geologically diverse world beneath the sea provides the fundamental characteristic of this region. The underwater environment of N.P. Kornati – a diver’s paradise, especially in the areas near the rising “crowns” (or edifices) on the outer limits of the islands which are a distinctive mark Kornati is particularly famous for – also hides an abundance of karstic phenomena as well as an exceptional flora and fauna.

Nacional park KORNATI

The Krka National Park is located very near Murter, only about 40 kilometres away. The Krka River makes its way through the North Dalmatian plateau, creating a deep canyon, rich in waterfalls, lakes and vegetation. Within the 72 kilometres of Krka’s course, its most beautiful and best preserved part spreads from old Croatian fortresses of Trošenj and Nečven to the Roški slap. Surrounded by the scarce vegetation of the Mediterranean you will discover this tropical oasis, which is safe for even the youngest explorers! This unique area features a profusion of waterfalls, lakes, old mills, wooden bridges and a network of walking paths. Bathing and basking beneath the waterfall is all part of the package.

National park KRKA


Nature park Vransko jezero

National park Plitvice

Lake Vrana lies in the northeast of the Pakoštane crypto-depression, and it is the largest lake in Croatia. Its natural beauty, along with the wealth of diversity in its resident population of birds and fish, makes it a perfect place for the observation and study of wildlife, which in turn has resulted in the Vrana park region being declared a protected nature park. In addition to the designated cycle trails, the Vrana nature park hosts a variety of educational programs (especially for children) and is the perfect place to observe the numerous species of birds nesting in the area.

Nature park Vransko jezero

The Plitvice Lakes were declared a national park in 1949. This is a wooded highland habitat where 16 remarkable lakes of varying sizes can be found, each with crystal clear, turquoise waters. The water is channeled into the area by numerous rivers and streams, forming lakes that cascade into one another through a network of noisy, foaming waterfalls. Visitors from all over the world are drawn each year by the amazing beauty of the lakes and waterfalls; the abundance of flora and fauna; the contrasting colours; the forests and mountain air; the walks along forest trails and across wooden bridges, and they often stay at the variety of small, homely and luxurious hotels and restaurants in the vicinity..

National park Plitvička jezera

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