Fun and Feasts

Check out fun and feasts in Murter – the summer stage in Murter is always bustling, all kinds of concerts are held here, from Dalmatian harmony-singing groups, folk songs and dances to bands and actors performing live.


Murter, February

The carnivals in Murter have been bringing together a large number of participants of all ages for nearly 130 years, during which time they have become a traditional form of entertainment, relaxation, and a means of defying any social problems or issues that may arise.


Tisno, February

Jurevizija is the specific name for a particular carnival festival in Tisno. The name Jurevizija is derived from the Croatian name of George, who is a character convicted of all the sins of the villagers on Shrove Tuesday, and is also a nod towards the Eurovision Song Contest. This is a special carnival in that it is also a music festival where masked revellers and locals compete for prizes for their singing of humourous songs, which are specifically written for this event and tell of the social goings-on around Tisno.


Kornati, April

This traditional sailing regatta is a big event  in our small town and it also marks the beginning of the tourist season. The Kornati Cup Sailing Regatta was founded almost by accident in 1984 on the day of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, when a group of sailing enthusiasts sailed across in three ships from the island of Murter to Piškera. The following year, the first race with participants from Austria and Croatia was organized, with 27 sailboats competing – and it has since become a tradition over the Easter period. By 1988, 118 sailboats were competing in the Kornati Cup, and it has quickly become one of the biggest regattas on the east coast of the Adriatic.


Tisno, 25th May

Marian pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of Karavaja takes place each year on 25th May (a practice dating back to the late 18th century when the Gelphi family brought sacred images depicting the Virgin Mary, and Joanna of Caravaggio, home from Italy). It is attended each year by both pilgrims and spectators. An image of the Holy Mother of God is placed in a church in the hills which you reach after climbing 200 steps. Pilgrims from Croatia and all over the world climb the steps to pray before this miraculous image.


Kornati, first Sunday in July

A pilgrimage to Kornati with boats (bay Tarac on the island Kornat). The Church of Our Lady o’Tarca is a modest one-nave sacred building (a prime example of a rural late Romanesque church) which was built on the site of an early Christian basilica, likely using materials from the previous structure. Mass is still held in this church (every first Sunday in July) the significance of which has crossed religious boundaries, as it has become an integral feature of the area’s tourist attractions.


Tisno, end of the July

The Korent Games are an entertaining sporting held in the straits near the Tisno bridge. Two teams of competitors, one representing the mainland and one representing the islanders (or those who live on the island side of the city), compete in various games that test agility, speed and power in the water. The strong sea currents in the narrow straits between the island and the mainland are behind the name of the event, and these provide an intimidating obstacle to many of the competitors.


Betina, first Sunday in August

Brganja Day in Betina is a famous festival in honor of a special type of shellfish that have always been hunted in the Betina channel with a special tool called a brganj, after which the festival was named. During the evening, you can enjoy freshly-cooked clams and local wine, accompanied by singing, for a special summer atmosphere.


Jezera, 5th August

Review of old folk crafts and costumes of Jezera, competition in traditional skills – bleat figs, wearing shades, carrying heavy loads on their heads (new square).


Betina, begining of August

This traditional donkey race began in 1963, and has been attracting competitors and spectators ever since. The international donkey race, or “Međunarodna trka tovarov” as it is known locally, is hosted at the Rudina central square. Undoubtedly, this is one of the biggest summer events on the calendar in Šibenik-Knin County, and over the years it has evolved into a true spectacle and popular tourist event. This event is particularly special because it promotes the welfare of donkeys and thus saves this iconic dalmatian beast from extinction.


Murter, 15th August

An important religious holiday of national and religious tradition – choirs, musical entertainment in the evening (square Rudina).


Jezera, 15th August

Large number of fish specialties along the lakeshore at symbolic prices as well as a folklore performance.


Murter, 16th August

A votive day- pilgrimage to St. Roch’s hill (solemn mass, procession through the old town of Murter, people dressed in folk costumes of the region).


Murter, August

The Murterski Pir wedding ceremony is organized with the primary intention of presenting the forgotten traditional wedding customs which form part of the rich cultural heritage of the island. During Murter’s Wedding, both men, women and children dress in traditional costumes and form a procession, headed by the bride and groom and the maid of honor.Later in the day, participants congregate in the central town square to join in traditional dancing with special choreography and rhythm, and to enjoy a variety of traditional delicacies.


Murter, 29th September

St. Michael’s – the patron saint of Murter – solemn mass with choral singing in the parish church of St.Michael, “The Latin Sail” – traditional regatta in wooden sailing boats, folk-party in the evening. The Latinsko Idro event has always contained a rich, cultural programme that is both educational and entertaining. There are a variety of workshops for young people where maritime skills are demonstrated, as well as lectures, exhibitions, poetry readings in the authentic ambience of local Kornati homes, and a traditional lunch of fried sardines on the Old Quay… The festival culminates at the end of the week with the race itself, which follows the same sailing routes as the old inhabitants of Murter.


Jezera, 8th September

The community comes alive with a party which starts with a gathering for Mass in the church of Our Lady of Health, and ends with a parade through the town in celebration of local customs.


25.9. – 1.10. – BIG GAME FISHING Jezera, 25th September- 01st October

The BGF is an international fishing sports competition, organized by the sports and fishing club Punta Rata, and it is has been held every year in Jezera in the last week of September since 1999. Over the seven days you can witness the yearly struggles with tuna and other large fish, enjoy the seafood and other associated events. More than 50 crews from around the world make this event a real spectacle. A well-organized and fascinating 7-day program which guarantees a good time for its numerous visitors.


Tisno, 11th November

Christening of wine, the awards for achievements in various sectors, especially tourism.

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